How to Apply

Submit a Pre-application first

Each applicant is required to submit a pre-application to get a quick feedback before the startups and small businesses start their full Invent Phase I Phase II or Phase IIB (Commercialization Acceleration Grant – CAG) application. The pre-application must meet the program’s objectives supporting innovative technologies that show potential for commercialization and societal impact and have a high level of technical risk. The pre-application must demonstrate both technical feasibility and market application potential, current development stage, and technical and/or business hurdles in commercialization of the technology. The Invent Application Review Committee may conduct a face-to-face interview with selected applicants using published presentation guidelines.

Wadhwani Foundation will invite select applicants to submit a formal proposal by the deadline published on the most current announcement. The technologies that are not considered innovative and having high impact, and having potential for commercialization are unlikely to be selected for the submission of a formal full proposal.

Who may serve as principal investigator?

The primary employment of the Principal Investigator (PI) must be with the small business at the time of award and for the duration of the award, unless a new PI is named. Primary employment is defined as at least 51 percent employed by the small business. Normally a full-time work week is a 40 hour-week and employment elsewhere of greater than 19.6 hours per week is in conflict with this requirement. The PI must have a legal right to work for the proposing company in India, as evidenced by citizenship, permanent residency or an appropriate visa. The PI does not need to be associated with an academic institution. A PI may be primarily employed at another organization at the time of submission, as long as he or she is primarily employed at the proposing small business at the time of award. A PI must devote a minimum of one calendar month of effort per six months of performance to an Invent Phase I project.

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